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I didnt even know I was going to go to this con so unlike for others there werent any new cosplays in the making. I did add Mikoshiba from Gekkan, who I got the wig for at the con and brought the cosplay for, but he was pretty hard to recognize without the school emblem on the shirt (didnt have the right thread to make it). Nevertheless at least one person did, which was a nice surprise. 

On the ride there we talked about con stories and made up con stories for this con. The drive there was faster than back, since everyone was excited. The hotel was nice and quiet, within a short shuttle ride from the con. Was really nice to get the first floor rooms, since way less waiting for the elevator that way. 

First cosplay I did was Minato from Persona, since that gathering was first and my friend from the anime club was going to be there as Ryoji. Her wig didnt come in time, so I let her use one of my many xD It worked out, and there were quite a lot of people, with 2 other minatos. 

I ran into my friend lilycli in the artist alley, which was a cool surprise since she is based in CA and I wasnt expecting her to be at this con. We had a nice chat and she gave me cat stickers :D

I ran into Haikyuu cosplayers, and they had a volleyball with them so I took a short video of them recreating the anime, with kenma in the background, who cheered when Hinata spiked xD

Final Fantasy gathering was right after so I changed into Reno. The old rod I made for him before have seen better days, so I made a new one the day before by painting a plastic rod that wall scrolls use and it worked. Cid at the gathering was happy that I recognized who he was. There was an Aerith there with a cool flower basket and even Hojo who had his syringe and creepy glare xD There were also 2 Axels since it was a general Squeenix gathering and I asked for a picture with them since Axel and Reno are bros. 

I donned mikoshiba after and went to get a sandwhich and finish off the day with free cotton candy and more random shots of people in cosplay. At subway is where I got recognized and had a nice chat with Beat from TWEWY. 

Next day I spent a lot of time struggling with Kanda's multiple belts and the long wig that insisted on tangling and sliding off my head. I also had a sword with me that I balanced while using my camera. I got a few hugs and picture requests and found 2 lenalees. I also went to the Way of the Sword demonstration which was very fun and sensei there told me more about the korean style and how its very different from the structured Kendo stances and hits. A sebastian and tomaki coslayers were part of his team and they encouraged me to join, though I wouldnt be able to since they were based in small towns in minnesota which is far. 

I ventured into the dealers alley and while looking at figurines I saw a few to the side that had dragons. One of them was a water dragon and the other a silver and black one in a dynamic pose. I first got the water one, then changed my mind, then kept thinking about keeping the silver dragon and ended up doing so, since there was a different version of the water one online with blue flames rather than plain. They seem even cooler as a set so I might have to get the second one as well. Can never go wrong with a detailed dragon figure. 

I walked around as Kanda some more until that cosplay was just too hot to wear (I had to step out to cool off every once in a while) and changed into Assasin's Creed with my Scouting Legion cape. At least 2 people recognized and complimented my combo of two series, even got asked for a picture, so I felt better about my lazy excuse at a new cosplay xD I went to a fun Attack on Titan truth or dare panel that had Beetlejuice participating as well. Hour flew by as random questions and goofiness happened. I asked Jean the Horseface (who actually pulled out a horse mask when I called him that and had a bag of carrots with him) if he knew about how the hay supplies were doing and if there were bays of hay strategically placed next to all the tall buildings (Assasin's creed reference). I then got asked how good I am at my job and Levi offered me Jean's job xD

Last day I changed into Cloud and went to another cool panel where I got to practice the basics of Japanese drums and even got to play a real one on the stage. Which was a good note to end this con at ^^
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Embarassed by ShadowYazoo
Mikoshiba doing what he does best - saying something sly and then realizing it moments later. 
Kanda Yuu - Ready to Fight by ShadowYazoo
Kanda Yuu - Ready to Fight
Kanda : :iconshadowyazoo:

Photographer: Peter from Shockheaded studios

Con: Anime Detour 2015
Advent Children by ShadowYazoo
Advent Children
Anime Detour 2015

Reno - me

Photo credit goes to the photographer.
Cloud by ShadowYazoo
My Cloud cosplay taken by my friend.

Anime Detour 2015

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