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I heard good things about this con and some of my friends were going there, so I decided to make it happen :D I debuted two new cosplays at it - King Yato from Noragami and Natsume from Natsume's Book of Friends. 

When I arrived to Baltimore I took light rail to the convention center. It was empty most of the ride there, except it passed by a stadium where a game just finished, which was eerie since it was night and there were lines and lines of people waiting for the train. Within seconds it filled up to a point where people had to stand on steps, and my stop was the one after that one. People were nice to help me with getting my suitcases out.

At convention center people were still lining up for their badges, except a few hours later the doors closed and people had to come back tomorrow. An Assasin's Creed cosplayer saw me (I use my Assasin's Creed coat when I travel) and I got asked for the first picture of the con, so we posed together :D

Next morning I changed into Cloud from Advent Children and headed to grab some food and then stand in the line. While I was ordering my sandwich (I seem to have eaten nothing but sandwiches that whole con) a worker there asked where is my sword, and then a con-goer said they'll find me later to take a picture of me xD Then I went to go stand in a line (which wrapped around the convention center three times). I thought wearing my sleeveless cosplay would be good, but sun was intense so I did get sunburned. I saw a few other Clouds in the line and we high-fived each other and I waved at all the Zacks I saw xD 

Later at a con I ran into a few Tifas who were glad they found a Cloud xD and since I didnt have a sword I did one of the two poses - holding my sunglasses (which I wore indoors too) or crossing my arms and looking down all serious. At one point I was sitting down, propped on a wall and one of the congoers said 'Thats a really low cloud' xD I stopped a Reno and Elena for a picture and then they got one of me since Cloud is cool :3 I also had to take a picture with Lightning since that character shares the design with me xD

When my shoulders looked as sunburnt as they felt it was time to switch cosplays. so I changed into Genesis thinking there is a final fantasy gathering somewhere. It was, but I didnt find it, so I just wondered around for a bit. I saw two squalls and a vincent in one spot, so I went to take pictures of them and hang out with them, and then a FFVII Aerith in a red dress appeared and suddenly we had a tiny gathering of our own xD me, Aerith and Vincent got pictures together, since we are all in red and then a deadpool jumped in xD

I saw a Black Mage, Summoner and White Mage cosplayers from FFXIV and they were resting so I asked if I could take a picture once they were done. They said yes, and liked how I asked nicely. The person that cosplayed Black Mage actually made hers and Summoner's outfits and is playing more as a monk because she made her blm costume before the game even came out. They asked which server I was on, and it wasnt the same as theirs, but it was still fun to meet fellow players since at the moment its a small fandom. They even had a carbuncle plush with them.

Afterwards I changed into Minato and headed for Persona midnight shoot. I still had a few hours to burn so I just found a spot with good lighting and waited for cosplayers I want to take pictures of to walk by. One of them was a KH mushroom, and she was really awesome so we chatted about kingdom hearts and the con for a bit. Then there was another white mage, and we chatted even more with him and another player about the mechanics and 'horror stories' of FFXIV. Then my gathering started and it was lots of fun since a lot of persona cosplayers were there. I hanged out with fellow Minatos and Junpeis and we poked jokes at each other in character. 

Next morning I changed into N and wandered around for a bit until I started seeing lots of Code Geass cosplayers. They all congregated in one spot so I asked when the gathering is and it turned out it was in a minute. So I went back to the hotel and changed into Li Xingke as fast as I could. My eyebrows were still green, so my roomie let me borrow her eyliner so I could darken them and helped me get at least a few tangles out of my wig. I then headed down and made it just in time for when they needed a picture of Xingke. My wig wasnt behaving, but I posed anyway and tried to fix it while I waited for other pics. It finally behaved only after gathering was done xD I got to pose with other Season 2 characters and then fighting two lelouches at once, except I forgot to face the camera xD And I pitched in a few requests which people did and made me happy ^^ the organizer was glad I was able to come, so she kept giving me hugs. 

After that I changed into Cloud again, since I heard the gathering was at noon. There were a few other Clouds there, and we did the shot where Zack passes on his sword to Cloud. Aerith posed too, and we put some flowers on top of Zack and she was like' NO! T_T MY FLOWERSSS!' xD we also posed with all Lightnings (at that point most of them left though), Clouds and Squalls for 'a bad weather shoot'. There were quite a few FFXIV cosplayers there, including a cool bard I met and talked to earlier, a male miquote who was actually from the same server as me, Hildibrand, Lalafels and a Paladin. 

Then I changed into Rin, since my shoulders were too sunburnt to keep wearing Cloud. My roomies were Rin and Yukio and we got to cosplay together for about an hour. We found a Mephisto who we chatted with and then he posed with us and me, him and another Rin stile our Yukio's glasses xD Later we ran into another Yukio who was happy we noticed and waved to him. Sadly I forgot to pose with stealing his glasses too xD Then they lost me, since I went ahead a few steps and so we didnt get any more pictures after that xD

I changed into Levi to cosplay matching characters with them more, but missed the gathering and then rubbed my face since it was hot and wasnt used to having makeup and then I had to go change since makeup is his actual costume. On my way back I saw that a Noragami gathering was happening, so I went up and changed quick into King Yato and made it back in time. Hyoris were happy to see me, so we got quite a few fun shots  and I got to use my cape which is actually a shower curtain xD

After that I changed into Natsume and we ate a fancy sandwhich with my roomies at an irish restaurant. It was tuna in my case, and it was very filling which was good, since cons take a lot of energy. I then wondered around until Persona again, and three people recognized my cosplay which made me really happy. This Persona gathering wasnt quite as fun, since people were tired.

Next morning was Sunday so I only did N that day. There actually was a pokemon gathering at noon, so I was able to make it. So many people were glad I cosplayed N and often I couldnt take a few steps without a request for a picture or hugs ^^ I got to take a picture with all the pokemon too, and they all snuggled up to me which made it hotter (the gathering was outside) but was awesome anyway xD I stayed as N during travel back to the train, and I ran into a Lucario from the gathering at the station. We chatted some more, and then the con was done.

All in all I would like to go back to this con one day, there were almost 40k people there, most of them in costume and most of them were nice ^^ 
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